criminal defenseThe semesterlong Prison Protection Clinic provides a first-hand, expertise-based mostly examine of the processes, techniques, strategies and tasks of authorized illustration at the trial stage. Wanting through a One-Approach Mirror at Attorneys’ Protection of Legal Defendants in China.” In Combating for Political Freedom: Comparative Research of the Authorized Advanced and Political Liberalism, edited by Halliday, T. C., Karpik, L., and Feeley, M. M., 65-108.

Politics Matter: A Comparative Principle of Legal professionals in the Making of Political Liberalism.” In Lawyers and the Rise of Western Political Liberalism: Europe and North American from the Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries, edited by Halliday, T. C. and Karpik, L., 15-64.

Miscarriage of Chief Justice: Legal professionals, Media, and the Battle for Judicial Independence in Pakistan.” In Fates of Political Liberalism in the British Publish-Colony: The Politics of the Legal Complex, edited by Halliday, T. C., Karpik, L., and Feeley, M. M., 340-377.

This paper discusses (i) the use of latest scientific data to demonstrate the existence of premenstrual syndrome; (ii) the use of standardized psychological assessments or physiological assays to exhibit that the defendant suffers from premenstrual syndrome; and, (iii) the legal choices to be made and evidentiary hurdles that have to be overcome in presenting a premenstrual syndrome protection.

Under the supervision of Professor Cheryl Bader, a former Assistant U.S. Lawyer for the District of New Jersey, and Professor Martha Rayner, a former public defender of the Legal Support Society and the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, you’ll take on the full illustration of your clients charged with misdemeanor crimes.